How to Prepare for an Emergency During Vacation

How to Prepare for an Emergency During Vacation

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Many travelers consider themselves prepared for their vacations, but are they truly prepared? Expecting the best but preparing for the worst is the smartest way to cover all the bases when getting ready to take a trip. Air Ambulance Card, HCC Medical Insurance Services, and Travel Insurances Services offer advice on how to prepare for an emergency during vacation.

The 3 Questions Every Traveler Should Ask Themselves

HCC Medical Insurance Services suggests asking the following questions before traveling, “Can I afford to pay for international medical treatment in the event of an illness, accident or life-threatening medical emergency? Can I afford to pay for a medical evacuation and do I know whom to contact in that event? Can I afford to make abrupt travel arrangements to return home in the event of an emergency?” Asking oneself these questions before embarking on a trip can give insight into how prepared one actually is for their vacation and an unforeseen emergency.

“As individuals, we should expect the best but be prepared for the worst during any anticipated travel excursion. Besides ensuring your flight is booked and hotel room is reserved, a thorough review of your health, credit card, and travel insurance policies’ inclusion and exclusions sections should be part of travelers’ emergency medical plan prior to departure” recommends Air Ambulance Card.

Follow Instructions

When caught in an emergency travelers may not be thinking straight. Sometimes, preparing for the emergency begins with how one thinks about the situation. Travel Insurance Services says travelers shouldn’t panic and should follow crew member’s instructions, “By panicking, one reduces the opportunity for rational thought, problem solving and deducing ways to get out of the situation….In the event of an emergency, your crew members can be your first line of assistance in getting through an emergency – be it mid-air or on the ground. If you’re unsure of what to do, ask one of them for help.”