Medical Evacuation Statistics from Travelex and On Call International

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Most travel insurance plans offer some level of coverage for medical evacuation & repatriation.  This can be as simple as being transported to a local medical facility or as complex as returning home on an air ambulance.  Coverage amounts can vary drastically.  Some plans cover $50,000 or less, while others boast coverage up to $2,000,000 for medical evacuation.  Travelex, who uses the emergency assistance services of On Call International for medical evacuation, recently provided statistics on the number of transports, nurse escorts and related costs.

Regarding the average cost of an evacuation, we have calculated average costs for both Air Ambulance and Nurse Escort evacuations from the counties listed below.

#Air Ambulance   Average Cost  #Nurse Escorts  Average Cost

France            2            $57,300                13                $22,193

Mexico           30           $28,809                11                $8,934

Canada           8            $18,425                27                $12,041

UK                  1            $55,950                17                $21,852

Italy                2            $64,625                 26                $26.561