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Provider & Policy
Diplomat International
AM Best Rating Underwritten by HDI Global Specialty SE

AM Best's Rating of A+ (Superior)
Effective as of: 12/20/2023

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Zero Complaint Guarantee
This provider complies with Squaremouth's Zero Complaint Guarantee
Trip Cancellation

No coverage

Trip Interruption

$5,000 per person
Return transportation only

Medical Coverage for Covid-19

Included in Emergency Medical

Emergency Medical

$50,000 per person
Secondary coverage

Pre-Existing Condition

No coverage
Pre-existing look-back period 12 months


Plan pays 100% after deductible

Medical Deductible

$250 per person

Home Country Coverage

Optional coverage

Medical Evacuation & Repatriation

$100,000 per person

Non-Medical Evacuation

$50,000 per person

Loss or Delay
Travel Delay

$2,000 per person
Covered after 12 hour delay

Baggage & Personal Items Loss

$250 per person
$50 per item
Checked luggage only

Accidental Death
24 Hour AD&D

$25,000 per person

Sports & Activities

Limitations apply

Sports Equipment Loss

Included in Baggage & Personal Items Loss

Other Benefits
Money Back Guarantee

Free look up to the day before effective date

24 Hour Assistance Service

24 hour assistance provided

Renewable Policy

Not renewable