Medical and Medical Evacuation Only Travel Insurance

Published by April 14, 2014

Being reimbursed for medical expenses while traveling is one reason many travelers purchase travel insurance.

Many travelers ask if they can purchase a policy that only offers emergency medical and medical evacuation coverage. This type of protection is available through vacation and international medical plans, however, these two types of travel insurance can dramatically vary in coverage.

Vacation plans are designed to offer travelers a package of benefits including trip cancellation, trip interruption, emergency medical and medical evacuation, however, travelers are also able to purchase vacation plans without cancellation and interruption coverage. Although travelers can opt out of cancellation coverage, many vacation plans will still include protection for travel delay, baggage delay and baggage loss. Vacation plans are available when traveling within the U.S., as well as overseas.

International medical plans offer emergency medical and medical evacuation while outside a traveler’s home country. Depending on the amount of coverage, these plans can be of better value than some vacation plans. Although most international medical plans will offer protection for a traveler’s lost or stolen baggage, they usually do not cover travel delay, baggage delay or missed connection.

When comparing plans, don’t be concerned that a policy is inferior because of its lower price. Since travel insurers all have an ideal customer in mind, each product is aimed at a different demographic. This explains why some plans are inexpensive but offer better benefits.

Below is an example of how a policy can offer more coverage for a lower price. The iTravelInsured Standard Travel policy offers $10,000 in medical and $20,00 in medical evacuation for $38.00, where as the RoamRight Essential provides $15,000 in medical and $150,000 in medical evacuation for $30.00. Additionally, the Travel Insured Trip Protector Life policy offers $10,000 in medical and $100,000 in medical evacuation for $46.00, where as  the RoamRight Preferred policy offers $50,000 in medical and $500,000 in medical evacuation for $40.00. For a traveler specifically looking for medical coverage, Squaremouth would recommend the RoamRight Essential policy due to it’s higher coverage for a lower premium.

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