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Cat 70 All Reviews

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  • Overall Rating 5 out of 5
    Travel Plan
    Review Received:
    From: Verified Squaremouth Customer

    I have always used Squaremouth to help me locate the best travel insurance company. In reviewing the different policies, Cat 70 had the best benefits for the least amount of money.I became ill while on my trip and thought I may have to return home earlier than expected. I was able to locate their 24 hour service center without any problems. They immediately set me up with a local physician to see me in my hotel room. The physician even called me to set up an appointment. My condition improved so I did not need his service. I was very happy to find out how easy their 24 hour service was to contact and how rapid their response was in case I would have required their service. I would definitely recommend Squaremouth to help one locate the best travel insurance company. And I would definitely recommend and use Cat 70 again in future travels.

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    5 out of 5 people found this review helpful

  • Overall Rating 1 out of 5
    Travel Plan
    Review Received:
    From: Verified Squaremouth Customer

    I was told by 3 Squaremouth employees that the policy I purchased allowed increases in coverage after the original purchase. Cat 70 said that wasn't true. Not sure why Squaremouth didn't fully understand the terms of the policy I purchased. I had to purchase a second policy from Seven Corners to cover the full cost of our trip.

    Response From:
    Cat 70
    Cat 70:
    The Cat70 Team
    Response Received:

    We are sorry to hear about your experience with CAT70 travel insurance. The Squaremouth agent was correct, you can increase your trip cost. This was an administrative error by one of our customer service agents and we truly apologize for this. Corrective measures have been put in place.

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