Earthquakes and Travel Insurance Fact Sheet: Squaremouth Explains Coverage For Affected Travelers

Squaremouth, a leading travel insurance comparison site, explains travel insurance coverage when an earthquake occurs at your destination before or during your trip.

Key Facts About Travel Insurance Coverage for Earthquakes

Availability of Travel Insurance Coverage for Earthquakes

  • Most travel insurance policies include coverage for earthquakes.
  • Travelers must purchase their policy before the earthquake occurs to be covered for losses related to that earthquake.

Canceling Your Trip Due to the Earthquake

  • An earthquake alone is not enough to trigger standard Trip Cancellation coverage.
  • You may be covered to cancel your trip if the earthquake results in:
    • Delayed or canceled flights: Your flight or other ticketed transportation is canceled or delayed for a certain amount of time, typically at least 12-48 hours, because of the earthquake
    • Damaged accommodations: Your accommodations are deemed uninhabitable due to the earthquake
    • Mandatory evacuation: There is a mandatory evacuation at your destination because of the earthquake – some restrictions may apply

Travelers Who Want More Options to Cancel

  • If you do not meet the requirements for standard cancellation, you can cancel your trip because of an earthquake if you have the Cancel For Any Reason upgrade.
  • This optional upgrade significantly increases the cost of a policy, typically by 40%.
    Cancel For Any Reason only reimburses up to 75% of your trip cost and your must cancel your trip at least 2-3 days before your departure date.
  • The upgrade is only available within 14-30 days of the first booking for your trip and you must insure 100% of your trip cost.

Coverage When the Earthquake Occurs During Your Trip

  • Emergency Medical: If you are hurt in the earthquake and need medical attention, the Emergency Medical benefit can cover your treatment.
  • Medical Evacuation: The Medical Evacuation benefit can cover transportation to an appropriate medical facility if you are injured during the earthquake.
  • Non-Medical Evacuation: Some policies include coverage to transport you home or to the nearest safe place if you must be evacuated after a natural disaster.
  • Trip Interruption: You may be covered to return home early from your trip if an earthquake occurs at your destination and renders your accommodations uninhabitable or triggers a mandatory evacuation.
  • Travel Delay: If an earthquake causes a delay to your flight out of the destination, you may be reimbursed for expenses during the delay, such as meals and accommodations. If you miss a connecting flight or part of your trip, the Missed Connection benefit may reimburse your lost expenses and the additional costs to catch up to your trip.