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Frequently Asked Questions About Emergency Assistance

What is emergency assistance?

Every travel insurance policy on Squaremouth comes with 24-hour emergency assistance. This service offers an immediate help and advice if you experience an emergency while traveling.

Emergency assistance departments include travel and medical professionals who can offer assistance in a range of situations. Whether you need to seek medical treatment, book a new flight, or have a question about the coverage on your policy, emergency assistance can help.

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How do I contact emergency assistance?

Your provider’s emergency assistance contact information can be found on your travel insurance card. You can also find this information on your provider’s emergency assistance contact page by selecting your travel insurance provider above.

Providers typically have two numbers: one for international collect calls and one for toll-free calls within the United States. If you are outside the United States, you can make a collect call by dialing “0170” and giving the number to the international operator.

If possible, you should have the following available when you contact emergency assistance:

  • Policy number
  • Local contact number
  • Your approximate location
  • Summary of your situation
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When should I contact emergency assistance?

Contact local emergency authorities first if you are in need of urgent care. You should then contact emergency assistance as soon as reasonably possible.

Emergency assistance can explain the coverage for your situation and help you make decisions based on your coverage, which can also expedite the claims process.

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What services does emergency assistance provide?

Emergency assistance services typically include medical, evacuation and travel assistance. Many providers also offer a variety of concierge services.

Medical Services

If you need to replace a prescription or visit a doctor, emergency assistance can locate a nearby pharmacy or refer you to a local medical or dental facility.

Should you need to seek medical treatment while traveling, dedicated medical professionals in the emergency assistance department will maintain contact with the hospital and consult with your treating physicians to ensure you are receiving the proper treatment at an adequate facility.

Evacuation & Repatriation of Remains Services

Emergency assistance can help arrange your medical evacuation to the nearest adequate facility, as well as arrange for your return home if deemed medically necessary. In the event of a traveler’s death, emergency assistance can arrange to return their remains home.

Travel Services

Emergency assistance can help arrange new travel arrangements or accommodations if you experience a delay or need to return home early from your trip. Some providers will assist with tracking and returning your lost baggage or replacing lost travel documents, such as passports or tickets.

Other Services

Many providers offer extremely comprehensive emergency assistance services that also include legal assistance, translation services, emergency cash transfer, and concierge services.

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Common Emergency Assistance Services
  1. Medical Assistance - Maintain contact with your treating physician if you need to seek medical treatment while traveling

  2. Medical Evacuation - Assist with your evacuation to the nearest medical facility and arrange for your return home if medically necessary

  3. Referrals - Help you find a nearby pharmacy or medical facility

  4. Travel Delay - Coordinate new travel arrangements

  5. Baggage Delay or Loss - Track and assist in returning lost luggage

  6. Repatriation of Remains - Arrange transportation to return the deceased traveler’s body home

  7. Additional Travel Assistance - Translation services, help replacing travel documents, emergency cash advances, legal services, message relay services

  8. Concierge Services - Assist with information, recommendations and reservations for local dining, transportation, shopping and entertainment

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